White Glove Service

In the interest of everyone’s safety, we are currently operating 100% curbside. Our White Glove Service provides the same excellent care to your pets, the difference is we are not allowing clients inside our building at this time. When you arrive at our center, please call us at 717-599-4259 and our team will provide you instructions for the next steps.

Success Stories

Here is what past pet owners and referring family vets have said about Dr. Zeltzman’s services.

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Milo is doing great after her amputation

Milo, a 1-year-old kitty, had an old fracture of the arm bone (humerus) after she was shot. After amputation, her owner AJ writes:

“Hello. Happy Holidays to everyone. Milo is doing great. Staples were removed last Monday and she is getting around wonderfully. She is very happy to have that cone off her head. The vet said everything is looking great and healing as expected. Milo and I Thank you for everything.”

Thorough explanations & reassuring care for Riley

Riley, a 6-year-old German shepherd mix, had a TPLO to address a torn ACL. After surgery, his owner NT writes:

“Dr. Zeltzman and his team took excellent care of my dog. Before surgery, he called to answer any question that we had, and we had a lot. He took time to thoroughly explain everything to us. It was very reassuring knowing he was going to take such great care of our fur baby. From all the updates on how our dog was doing during surgery, after surgery, and her overnight stay there, the whole team was so helpful and kind. After we got our dog home, they were awesome with answering all of the questions we had on caring for her postop. Our biggest thanks and appreciation to Dr. Zeltzman and his entire team!”

Jam, a high-stakes athlete.

It’s tough enough to get a family pet to chase a ball, jump in the car or run with their owner every day. It’s a whole different challenge with an athlete. Jam, a 4-year-old Lab, is a champion field trial dog who had a TPLO to address a torn ACL. After surgery, his owner MK writes:

“I am very pleased with the surgery and his recovery so far. You did an outstanding job, and the whole process is very efficient. Jam responded really well when the walks expanded from 5 to 10 minutes, and his limp went away in 2-3 days. I have expanded his walks so that we are doing 2, 20 minute walks now. The muscle on his leg is noticeably bigger over the last couple of weeks. We will continue to expand our walks and make him stronger. I really appreciate all you have done to help bring Jam back. Thanks again.”

Ladybug, a 10-year-old kitty, had a torn ACL and a dislocated kneecap. Ten months after surgery, her owner JK sent this comment:

“To think there was a time this year that I didn’t know if she would ever be able to walk normally again, let alone run!”

And she shared this fun video: https://youtu.be/DZA5zgFQuf0

Tobey, a 12-year-old lab, had surgery (“tie-back”) to address laryngeal paralysis, a condition that causes suffocation. Two months after surgery, his owner BB writes:

“Tobey hit the end of his rehab on July 4th. He has been doing well.

The heat takes a toll on him, so if the temperature is over 85º out, I normally just take him out for potty breaks and that’s it.

In the mornings or when it’s cooler, we are back to walking around our property like we would do in the mornings prior to surgery, about 25 minutes to half an hour.

In the heat, his back legs seem to get heavy, but I think that’s just due to it being hot and humid like it has been these last two heatwaves we’ve had.

Thanks again for everything.

It’s nice to see him outside and back to being himself again!”


“Phil Zeltzman makes surgery look like an art. I’d send my patients to him any day!”

Amanda Sautner, DVM @ Healing Paws Veterinary Care & Pet Resort, Carlisle, PA

“Exceeded expectations” after Beretta’s TPLO

Beretta, a 4 year old Lab, had a TPLO to address a torn ACL. A few days after his surgery, his owner JP writes:

“Hi HRVSS Team,
Thank you for reaching out to check in on Beretta. His bandage is still attached and intact. He has tried to get at his incision twice now, so thank goodness for the plastic funnel cone! He hasn’t pooped since Sunday evening, so that is really my only concern at this time. I’m assuming once he gets a bit more comfortable, he will do so. Interestingly, when he lays down, he will sometimes lay on the leg that was operated on, which I’m so surprised by! I would have assumed that would be painful.

Thank you all for your dedication, thorough communication, and commitment to our boy. You have exceeded expectations and made this experience much more positive than we were anticipating. We would recommend your services to anyone who asked. We truly are so grateful.”

Beretta's Owner, JP

Monty is back to his old self after his TPLO

Monty, my 120 lb, almost 4-year-old English Mastiff, needed a TPLO for a torn ACL and meniscus. Once I found Dr. Zeltzman and discussed his unique practice that travels to specific clinics, but allows my own personal veterinary clinic to perform all the follow-up, I knew I had found the perfect fit for myself and Monty.

I couldn’t have made a better choice. Dr. Zeltzman and Kat provided me step by step information on what the surgery entailed, from the price to the process and the length of time for surgery and recovery. They provided a detailed outline of when Monty would need to be taken back for X-rays, suggested supplements and restrictions as well as rehab when the time was ready.

It was difficult to know who to trust as Monty is the only one I have left at home so we’re in this together, whatever we had decided. Other than my own veterinary clinic, I reached out to family friends in the “vet” business for recommendations. Although no one had recommended Dr. Zeltzman, I have since recommended him to anyone that has animals that could ever need his services. My own veterinary clinic has been happy with Monty’s progress and now has Dr. Zeltzman’s information in case anyone else runs into this issue, they now have someone to recommend and have been able to work with him to provide x-rays, rehab information, etc.

I’m extremely happy to report that Monty is almost finished with rehab and is back to his old self.

Teri Aunspach, Duncannon, PA (near Harrisburg)

Oscar is doing great after his amputation

Oscar, a 2-year-old kitty, had an old fracture of the forearm and a sore from trying to use the leg. After amputation, his owner MK writes:

“Oscar is doing well (…) He is really enjoying recovery as he has an iPad that plays videos of cats and soothing relaxing music. He has been purring and likes being brushed. The wound is healing well, no issues there at all. Thank you all again. We are so glad we found this place. He has received such great care. It is much appreciated.”

Higgins’s story: kindness, concern, and expertise.

Higgins, a very cute 8-year-old Pom Pom, had a mass on his lip. It was suspicious for cancer. After it was removed, his recovery was not exactly smooth…

Yet after lots of TLC from his dedicated owner JR, Higgins recovered. She writes:

“Higgins is doing well. (…) I think he looks good, is happy and loving, still a bit needier than before but that is absolutely fine with me and he is licking much less (…). I want to thank Kat and Dr. Zeltzman for your kindness, concern, and expertise in caring for Higgins. Dr. Zeltzman, your entire surgical team was excellent and caring and I much appreciated my interactions with them.”

Bonus: the mass turned out to be benign!

An older Lady runs straighter than before her 2 TPLOs!

Lady, an 11-year-old Beagle mix, had both ACL torn, and a TPLO to address them. Nine and 5 months after surgery, her owner CM writes:

“Lady is totally sound, going for many runs a day, often a couple of miles. Before her surgeries, she always ran (trot and canter) with haunches into the right. She now moves much straighter at all three gaits.”

And she sent this nice video of one happy Lady: https://youtu.be/VCvaopqU9qY

Ethel, a 4-year-old kitty, would not stop chewing at her tail. Since neither medical treatment nor cutting the tip of the tail had worked, we recommended sacrificing the entire tail. A big leap of faith… which thankfully worked! Her owner EB writes:

“Ethel is back to her normal self, and I don’t think that she even realizes that she has no tail anymore. Since her surgery, she has no new compulsions and has no new injuries caused by licking or biting.

My experience at Harrisburg Regional was amazing. You and your staff took the time to explain everything to me and answered all my questions and concerns both before and after Ethel’s surgery.

Hopefully, none of my other animals will ever need surgery, but if they did, I would come back to you and your team without a doubt.”

Tali, a 9-year-old retriever mix, had a TPLO to address a torn ACL. Her owner AZ writes:

Absolutely wonderful experience

Tali is doing well. She’s been resting comfortably and seems very happy to be home. The medications are managing her pain and keeping her calm. (…) The little “get well soon” notes (and other) little touches brought a lot of joy to us when we were feeling sad and nervous about Tali’s recovery. Our experience with you guys has been absolutely wonderful! Thank you for taking such good care of her.

Amazing comments from Dr. Comalli, a long-time referring vet

I have known Dr. Phil Zeltzman for over 10 years. I have known him well as a colleague, a speaker, an educator, a board-certified veterinary surgeon, and an entrepreneur. Phil always strives to help his colleagues improve their skills so that they can help not only themselves but others. In this respect, Phil is second to none.

As a veterinary surgeon, Phil uses a no-nonsense, practical, approach. His goal is always to achieve the best possible outcome for the best quality of life for his patients.

Many of my patients have benefited greatly from his skill and guidance. I have found his advice and recommendations to always be well thought out and very helpful. I respect his opinions and surgical skills immensely.

For a first or a second opinion on surgical issues, I highly recommend Dr. Phil Zeltzman.

Dr. Michael Comalli, Conrad Weiser Animal Hospital, Womelsdorf, PA

Pepper is still doing great 5 years after his gallbladder removal

Hello, Dr. Zeltzman. In 2015, you saved my husky’s life with surgery. I just wanted to thank you.

He’s doing great after you removed his gallbladder. He has been doing pretty great! He’s 13 years old now but still well. Only some liver disease, but we manage it.

For the longest time, no one could find out why he was so sick. Took him to many vet offices in that area. You figured it all out; I’m eternally grateful!

Thank you for all you did for my Pepper.

Sarah Donlin, Reading, PA

Teeko is having fun after his 2 TPLOs

The center of my world is Teeko, a 6-year-old European Golden Retriever. He had to have surgery on his knees (TPLOs) 6 months apart. I did my research for a doctor and will save you the time. Dr. Phil Zeltzman is very passionate and only wants the best results for his patients. He will thoroughly explain the surgery and postop care. He was timely to respond to any questions. He is also on the cutting edge of new techniques. Stop searching and call him. Teeko is very happy playing in the stream and collecting rocks.

Laura Flores, New Cumberland, PA (near Harrisburg)

Winston is happy and comfy after two TPLOs

Dr. Zeltzman is an amazing surgeon. He has done surgery on my golden retriever twice – two TPLO surgeries. We were blessed to come upon him through our veterinarian hospital. He just cleared my Winston today, it was a long four months, but so well worth every minute. And my baby thanks him, no more limping, no pain. He even has helped him with his diet, and it is going well. I will recommend this surgeon to anyone, and I have a lot of “fur baby” friends! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You are “The Best”!

Bonnie Cowling, Reading, PA