White Glove Service

General number (info & appointments): 717-599-6131
To check in ONLY: 717-599-4259

For the safety of our clients, patients, and nurses, we are currently operating 100% curbside. Our White Glove service provides the same excellent care to your pet. We are not allowing clients inside our building at this time. You WILL meet with the surgeon for any consultation and before any surgery. When you arrive at our practice, please call 717-599-4259 and our team will provide instructions for the next steps.

Who We Really Are

See what Harrisburg Regional Veterinary Surgical Specialty is all about!

At Harrisburg Regional, we take patient care & TLC very seriously!

We are 100% pet lovers and pet owners. Our big runs don’t have bars, but glass doors, which dogs definitely feel more comfortable with.

Yep, we talk to our patients and we tell them how good they are.

Patients are routinely hand-fed because a spoiled patient is a happy patient!
Kristen & Brody, her 2 month old foal
We like to give our patients a big hug just because!
Michelle and Pebbles, a 2 month old Pug.
It takes 2 nurses to reassure a patient while an IV catheter is placed.
Phil Zeltzman and Lukas, 2 mo old Coyote with a broken leg
Snuggling is good for your soul—and our patients.
Waffle Party

Waffle Party.

A nurse had a long conversation with Myrtle to explain that we will make her more comfortable by removing her bladder stones.
Kristen supervises an at-risk patient closely after anesthesia.
Patients are monitored very closely while they recover after anesthesia.
Sometimes we give kisses… and sometimes we receive them!
Kristen comforts Rainey, a 12-year-old Maltese with multiple jaw fractures
Axe throwing outing
Michelle gives MoZee a belly rub to reassure him before his knee surgery.
crepe on a plate with Nutella

Crepe party 2023.

Kristen & patient Codi

TLC is something we take very seriously. In fact, it’s literally mentioned on every patient’s treatment sheet.

This puppy is our youngest patient ever. Three weeks of age, three pounds of cuteness, and a broken shin bone…

We send pictures to pet owners to reassure them that their pet is being spoiled.