White Glove Service

General number (info & appointments): 717-599-6131
To check in ONLY: 717-599-4259

For everyone’s safety, we are currently operating 100% curbside. Our White Glove service provides the same excellent care to your pets. We are not allowing clients inside our building at this time. When you arrive at our practice, please call us at 717-599-4259 and our team will provide instructions for the next steps.

Dauphin County, PA Pet Post-Op Care

Your pet is in good hands.

Surgery is over. Now the road to recovery begins.

As important as surgery, the postop surgical care your pet receives greatly impacts recovery and comfort.
Success comes from following the discharge instructions.


Dr. Zeltzman takes a holistic approach to post-surgical care, keeping in mind his patients’ wellbeing far beyond their recovery from surgery. He begins this process by considering the whole patient, as opposed to just the surgery site. This starts with a consultation provided to every pet owner. It also includes discussing pet food, pain medications, arthritis supplements, depending on the type of surgery.

Regardless of the procedure, you will receive discharge instructions specifically tailored to your pet’s needs. Depending on the procedure, this includes instructions for incision care, exercise restrictions, physical therapy, medications, follow-up appointments, X-ray schedule, and bandage changes.

No matter the procedure, your pet needs proper and compassionate follow-up care. For more information about the services Dr. Zeltzman performs, or the postop care he recommends, you are invited to contact his team today. They will be happy to answer any of your questions.